7 Affordable Ways to Increase Your Property Value

Your home is your castle, but if it’s not in great shape you might as well have a moat between you and potential buyers. Improvements are the best way to boost your property value. And while some of them can be costly, others really aren’t.

Here are 7 ways for you to help tick your home’s worth up a notch or two:

#1: Check out the Plumbing and Electrical

The most beautiful house in the world isn’t worth as much as it could be if plumbing and electrical issues lurk. You can unclog a drain and replace a shower faucet and handle set without a plumber. A licensed electrician should handle outlets that don’t work, lights that flicker, and anything else where electrical shock is a hazard.

#2: Focus on the Kitchen

You probably don’t need a total kitchen renovation, but some updates are a good thing. New counter tops aren’t costly if you go with laminate. A new backsplash is a job that you can do yourself, and so is installing a new kitchen faucet. For a quick update that makes a big difference, replace all of the cabinet pulls. If you want to go big, think about new appliances.

#3: Make the Bathrooms Sparkle

If kitchens top the list of important rooms, bathrooms are next on the list. An outdated bathroom might function well, but it won’t help improve your home’s value. A pink tub, toilet, and sink look much worse against a room that’s trying too hard to be modern, so don’t try to fight what you’ve got. But if you can replace fixtures, opt for white instead of following any trends. A new vanity cabinet and vinyl flooring look great and don’t cost a fortune.

#4: Add More Storage

Most homes need more storage, or maybe most home owners need fewer things. Regardless of which direction that scale tips, more storage is rarely a bad thing. If you can afford to have a new closet built, that can only help improve your home’s value. And if you can’t, think about adding shelving and built-ins in areas such as the laundry room, mudroom, and even in the form of cupboards and bookcases in living areas.

#5: Freshen Up the Floors

Clean and new are usually good things. But if new flooring isn’t in the budget, a thorough cleaning probably is. You can rent an effective carpet cleaner at a home improvement center, and get even grungy carpets cleaner than you might imagine. Meanwhile, if you have tired-looking hardwood floors, you might not need to refinish them. Choose a wood floor shine product, and your old floors will look much brighter and newer.

#6: Set out the Welcome Mat

Your home’s entryway is its welcome mat. What does yours say to anyone who visits? An updated entryway can work wonders in terms of perking up your home’s worth. Make sure the floors are immaculate, and don’t be shy about adding decorative touches. You want the first step inside your home to set the tone, so make it warm, clean, and welcoming.

#7: Don’t Forget About Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything, and the curb appeal of your home could make or break its value. As with everything else, clean and tidy are a must. So weed out dead plants, freshen up mulch beds, and keep the lawn mowed and raked. If you can afford it, think about adding a few landscaping elements such as shrubs and a few furnishings or decorative items on the front porch.

Your home’s value is important if you plan to put it on the market, but that’s not the only reason to tackle updates. As the biggest investment that you own, it’s important to keep it in great condition. This can also help if you’re thinking about a home equity line of credit or even a loan for other purposes.

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